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F INDING NEW CUSTOMERS is crucial to every business. Today, more than ever, access to the over 2.5 million new businesses annually can mean the difference between thriving—or surviving.

When targeting new businesses, marketers have two options: new business filings (registrations and incorporations) or new business telephone connects. Marketing to new business filings can be a bit premature due to the fact that the new business is still in the very early stages of their business plan. Locations and office spaces are often still being constructed and no telephone number is typically available. The telephone service is installed an average of two weeks before a new business actually opens their doors for business. During this decisive time, new owners are making new vendor relationships and are extremely receptive to a host of offers.

Getting there first is vital. Business entrepreneurs usually have limited resources when starting up a new business. They have tremendous drive but understand the critical nature of building good vendor relationships. A great vendor can act as a consultant and contribute to the success of their new business, which is why business owners are hesitant to switch vendors. Reaching a new business first, builds vendor loyalty makes you seven times more likely to become their vendor of choice.

Why New Business Express? Because 7-days does make a difference! With New Business Express, be among the first to reach businesses that just getting started and making many large purchasing decisions. These new businesses are not available on any other marketing list, which means no competition in the mailbox or on sale calls.

NEW! Daily New Businesses!

Why wait even 7-days? Our daily new businesses have not had their mailboxes or telephones inundated with various appeals from direct marketers and telemarketers, thus making them more receptive to your offer. SIC codes available.

More than 140,000 business new telephone lines are activated each month and with our extensive weekly cleansing and processing, our New Business Express file is the most comprehensive, fastest and highly-accurate of its kind. We also offer SIC code or business type on our 7-day new connects.

New Business Express is nationwide, telephone new connects. Built daily. The fastest and most accurate on the market!


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